Carry On: A Message from a Frontliners Family Member

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This year has been so tough for every one of us. And I might say, no war or previous endeavor has prepared us for this. Not even a civil war that I’ve experienced 9 years ago would make me feel tougher this time.

For the nth time in my life, I wanted to become selfish. I wanted to stop my sister and brother- in-law fighting against this unseen pandemic. I pleaded by hypertensive papa to stop, who is a radiologic technologist from serving the people. It mentally drains me knowing that even my mom who is a midwife, needs to battle against this because of insufficient health care workers.

Imagine the fear and anxiety I and my younger sister feel, waiting for our loved ones to come home, knowing that they’re exposed and might be contaminated, fearing that they might be a carrier too, or that things may become worse?

What more can you expect when even some tertiary hospitals could not even have enough body bags for corpse reflecting the lack in our Public Health system here in the Philippines.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to ask for your cooperation to please STAY AT HOME. We cannot afford to lose more lives or see things become worse. Our health care system is already at stake. They should have been our last line of defense if our bodies and our homes, were the first line of our defense.

If it’s hard for you to stay inside your homes, I tell you it is harder for us. This plea is on behalf of not only all medical workers but also for all the families of cashiers, janitors, garbage collectors, government officials and all who are making this world go round these days.

It is not an issue with money or anything. They could have stopped immediately. But I will always be slapped with the fact that an oath will always be an oath for the people, just like how the scriptures and prophecies were fulfilled to save humanity.

And for the first time, the feeling when the HEAVENLY FATHER needed to sacrifice his beloved son Jesus Christ for the sake of many felt more meaningful for me. That selflessness was the main reason for our celebration of today’s Resurrection Day.

Jesus took it seriously for us. Even though he pleaded the Father to remove this cup from him when he was in the garden of Gethsemane, he still chose to obey and submit to the Father’s will.

Likewise, this pandemic is not a joke, and so is my FAITH. I might always feel helpless as I wait for my parents to go home battling outside, but I am reminded of how prayers are more powerful than anything else in this world.

My tears are gone, and I’ve realized that I’ve been fighting the wrong battle towards anxiety and fear. This battle belongs to the Lord (2 Chronicles 20:15). This battle is best fought on my bended knees.

At His feet, we find rest, peace and experience Him. Let’s Fight in our worship and our praise. Let us put on the full armor of God so we may be able to stand our ground (Ephesians 6:10-18) amidst everything.

This is just the beginning; the pandemic effect may be burdensome for the next months or years to come. But more than anything else, I see rising families, nations and countries knowing Jesus Christ as our Savior, for He has risen, and He is alive!

Four (4) out of six (6) in my family are frontline health workers. They work in tertiary hospitals where cases of COVID-19 patients are relatively high as reported by the Department of Health. They endlessly work 24/7 even during weekends to provide healthcare for the welfare of the Filipino people.

Despite being unappreciated, overworked and underpaid, they remain committed to the oath they have taken.

We all have our own side of the story. You may have a loved one, whom you are concerned with (of course every one of us do). People are panic buying, rushing and beating the deadline before the community quarantine plus the endless and stressful news of the rising number of cases nationwide and internationally.

How can we have a peace of mind?

Fears and doubts entangle us during this time, but we cannot let this fear stop us. We need to become warriors instead of being a worrier. How? I think the key is to cling more unto his word instead of entertaining the anxieties that we have.

Psalm 91:3-6

Surely he will save you
    from the fowler’s snare
    and from the deadly pestilence.
 He will cover you with his feathers,
    and under his wings you will find refuge;
    his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

This is a great reminder of how God wants us to know more of his promises so we can claim it. He who promised is a way maker and a miracle worker. Never did he fail in fulfilling his promises for he is a promise keeper. He is Faithful, as always.

We can choose to panic or pray more about this matter. The word itself is an evidence that this too, shall pass. Maybe not today nor tomorrow but surely God did not want this matter to happen. Yes, maybe he allowed, just like how he allowed the testing of Job’s faith. But it drew him closer to the Lord and the Lord even blessed him a thousand folds.

Amidst all these, I choose to be Still and even though there’s a hundred reason to worry, I will choose to say a thousand Hallelujah to the one faithful God, who is mighty to save.

An open Letter to the one who never gets tired serving the King of Kings…

Dear Catalyst, this year has been a tough roller coaster ride as you juggled all the stuff you have to do at school, work, family and ministry.

Extra challenges may have come throughout the year, but I am glad you made it!

I would like to express my gratitude for all the commitment and efforts you have exerted.

Your efforts may sometimes be unappreciated but know that your labor in the Lord will never be in vain.

The first line of this letter may be impossible, but his GRACE and STRENGTH is always Sufficient.

A lot of prior appointments may have been cancelled due to your commitment practicing late at night and staying in the church but always remember the fulfillment you felt within.

Change is inevitable and often uncomfortable, but note that this allows us to be flexible and versatile.

These changes are God’s training to stretch us and change our hearts.


Remember the mandate to Reach Out and make disciple.

Please prioritize your first ministry, your family.

Enjoy having your personal intimacy with the King instead of the Kingdom.

“Rest if you must, but don’t quit”- John Whittier

We are only to prompt the congregation into worship and never to perform.

It is not to play the instruments and hit the notes with perfection.(Though of course we aim the BEST for the Lord)

Remember, that it is all about the heart that loves, the heart surrendered and the heart without any strings attached which pleases the Lord.

It is for us to overflow and be filled with his Love.

But most importantly, it is for us to be down on our knees and acknowledge that servanthood is how it is to live as Jesus did.

I am blessed and grateful serving with you for the Glory of the God Almighty!

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men- Colossians 3:23



My Invitation


It took me a while to simplify my thoughts and be able to express my heart through writings.

Why is life so complicated?

AYALA MALL, Cloverleaf -It was a wonderful Sunday morning like it used to be. I woke up earlier than I used to do so I decided to have an early breakfast at the nearby fast food chain while prepping up for the devotion of the worship team.

I knew this wasn’t any other ordinary day when the Spirit led me into a Worship like never before. His wonderful name, truly broke the chains of every sin, poverty and broken relationships in the congregation.

The topic was all about your Spiritual Momentum. And guess what, I wasn’t able to jot down my notes for some reasons. All I knew was the topic was all about a Clearer Direction and having more Meaningful Relationships.

Around 1PM on the clock, the church deacon requested my presence on the pulpit? “Response song na po ba?”

One of the Senior Pastor called me in the middle of his preaching and said,”Kanina pa may pinapasabi ang Lord sa akin habang nagwoworship Lead ka, magiging magaling na Preacher ka someday.” And he prayed with the congregation. I was shaking the whole time, holding my tears. Then I saw some people crying with him.

My community leader gave me a hug. My hands trembling, as we were both mesmerized.

Oh,why didn’t I see it coming?

Yes,they didn’t know.They didn’t know what the situation is.They didn’t know how it feels.Yes they no nothing.

Little did the people know, that the conversation we just had before being called at the cinema foyer, was about my career path (whether I’ll be pursuing being in the public or private sector).

I ran into the restroom and a Sunday school kid said “Bakit Ka po Umiiyak”. Well thankfully, the Kid was not from the same church.But yeah, It was God’s way of telling me,”Why are you crying?Of what are you afraid of?”

Imagine, wouldn’t you cry if you wanted to be a Singer/Musician but the Lord wants you to be a Dancer instead?

It’s funny how I just talked about a Champion’s Starter Pack to the youth  days ago. About having a timeline of your own, you know, I said I wanted to take my Masters and be a PhD doctor soon.

But today, everything has changed. To everyone reading this article, you owe me a prayer. HAHA (Thank you). To my closest friends, who knew all of me since I was in college, thank you for reminding me that I am not Jonah.

This article isn’t for sharing. I just want this blog to be an outlet. Someday, if my beautiful feet would let me be in that calling, then I will surely be assured , that I am on the right path. Oh by the way, I’m including this in the book I’m currently writing 🙂

the world is watching.png

Pick up yourself and show them your strength

Never show them that there’s nothing left.

The world expects never let them down,

In a world of perfection you should never frown.

The World is watching

These are the words the enemy keep throwing,

To let me push through and let me keep showing.

In a world of hatred, fear and lies,

This is the one she always tries.

The World is watching…

When you can’t do it alone,

Trust the maker for you to be honed.

Watch and see that his hands are good,

He knows and trust in everything you could.

When troubles keep running and things keep fading,

That still small voice will let you keep fighting,

The battles you’ve faced and the wars were your training,

You will see the things work for good until the ending.



This is actually the first time I’m gonna use Taglish for my blog.

So please don’t bother correcting my grammar. Kung grammar Nazi ka, mag next blog ka na lang muna sabi nga sa vlog ni Alex Gonzaga.

When I was on my 6th grade, I remember my adviser scolding me dahil di daw kasya yung mahaba kong pangalan sa class record niya.

Amazing right? Totoo naman kasi, get 1/4 sheet of paper na tas sumasagot na sila sa number 1 ako , andun pa rin at nagsusulat sa alapaap ng maganda kong pangalan.

So a lot of times I‘ve been asked about the “etymology ‘’ of my name. Bukod sa ikekwento ko na and Rianne ay from RENE + ANNE ng aking beloved parents…Ang hirap ng expectation na ang Rianne ay karugtong ng Ramos. LOL

AYBIL came from the beautiful country of LIBYA. Baligtarin mo Libya. Ganern!

Di po kay Ivy Aguas kinuha pangalan ko or di rin po sa story ni Cain at ABEL nangaling ang pangalan ko kundi dahil sa Libya ako pinanganak.

A lot of times, I was able to use this as a testimony and medium to introduce Christ even without foldable or gift of life cards.

One time, naiyak na lang yung kinukwnetuhan ko. Ano to MMK? Haha So ayun na nga…

So Shout out kay MS. SHYRO ANN PAYUMO na spokesperson ko mula pagkalipat ng family ko dito 8 years ago at masugid na tagapagkwento ng buhay ko sa lahat ng HS to college friends ko. (This is a paid advertisement)

My journey was tough and rough that you will plead, enough!

If you weren’t that news oriented, several years ago. Libya (who’s leader under great communist reigned 42 years) and who were greatly personally trained by the MARCOS’ (whose dictatorship only lasted 21 years) declared sanction in the whole country.

Sanction BES… (No food, water supply, internet or even means of communication) or Literal na CIVIL WAR! Explosions, death, ganern! All of a sudden, our comfortable life wrecked and at an age of 13, we NEEDED to be matured enough to get through this.

Sa Bible,alam natin when The Lord led the Israelites out of Egypt going to the promise land. Literal na ganun ang ginawa ng Lord sa amin. BTW, Libya is located in Northern Africa, west of Egypt.

We were actually supposed to travel by land there (‘coz you know the airports exploded na) HAHA pero the Lord led us in Tunisia instead. (Kasi nga nakigaya sila uso gyera noong Arab Spring).

 A beautiful peaceful land where we stayed 7 days before we finally found a flight going back to the PH. From Tunisia we went to India then finally came to the Philippines.

Before going there, we had almost 2 days of travel through a bus (with some embassy representatives thankfully, kasi nakakaawa talaga ibang refugees sa border).

18 checkpoints lang naman ng mga Terorista dinaanan namin. (Kaya di na ko nasindak sa mga taga PUP nung college).HUEHUE

I was broken into pieces. Emotionally, spiritually, psychologically and even intellectually that I even became too frustrated of what the future may hold.

Until 1 day, that broken piece introduced me to my FIRST LOVE.


(HUHU… Ayan iyakin ko talaga) Every time I remember what I have been through, I wanted to go back sa aking birthplace and fix everything. I hope so!

So, how is it all connected to my name? Simple. Sometimes, in life, we don’t understand how things work out. Often, not the way how we want it to be.

I wish this story, no matter how boring it is! No matter how people may say “Who cares with her life story?” would somehow show how great He is to mold someone so genuine for him that he has to put us sometimes into fire.

I would like to extend my apologies for the wordings I used. But rest assured I’ll use highfalutin words (Huwaw!) when I share this in my own book someday. In Jesus Name! 😀

So ayun , the next time you knew someone who became a refugee, or even someone  you may know ..You never know ano yung pinagdaadanan nung taong iyon.

The healing took time. A lot of time, I may say even though I am already a Christian.

I am HEALED and is now whole because of CHRIST. My Journey was rough and tough but HE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH!

A little about a lot.GIFThis is how I hated the Philippines.

Don’t get me wrong. I really hated how the news and faces of poverty would introduce Philippines to me since I was young.  Staying here for good  became the greatest Culture shock and Turning point of my life.

I hate it because it taught me how to be extremely patient in waiting for very long lines during enrolments which are worse than the queues we see in MRT and bus terminals. I hate it because it taught me to wait for my true love, dream job, and aspirations even if waiting seems so endless.

I hated how my Alma Matter PUP , taught me that “walang mali sa paglaban , May Mali kaya kailangang Lumaban “ than I need to speak out for what the truth is and that “kasalanan na ang pumikit , kapag nakita mong may mali .”

With the current situation of the government , I hate it that I am in a situation and this passion of being in a non-government organization dedicated for poverty alleviation .

NO , I don’t owe anyone being an “iskolar ng bayan “ because it is each and everyone’s right to have a FREE education just like any other country I have been through .

Staying here in the Philippines trained me good financial manager.

Philippines has a lot to offer.

TODAY,I CAN PROUDLY SAY I AM A PROUD FILIPINO despite all these negative impressions.

It’s beautiful and world class sceneries.The hospitable people. The longest and endless Christmas celebration . Everything about our culture .  It’s people simply because, you can never feel less loved being with Filipinos compared to any other nationalities in the world.

TODAY, I can proudly say “ Marunong na kong tumawid “  yey ! I have met a lot of new friends from that anxious feeling of being here knowing no one except from my cousins.

What Time is it?

The clock ticks slowly consumed by the silence around.
Why are we always on a rush?
I can feel my heart pound as I wait impatiently.
Why am I always on a Rush?
Today’s instant generation will know.The high technology,high speed internet(except in the Ph) ,millenials’ impulse to buy this and  that stigma to be in with the trend.
However,heavy traffic, long waiting of hours would always make me think.Is this waiting worth my time?
I am writing today to let you know that you are not alone,waiting .
“Quota na ko sa paghihintay Lord”,a brethren of mine exclaimed as he patiently wait for God’s perfect time in having a girlfriend.
“Kaya ayoko naghihintay eh”another friend tries to convince herself she can be still.
“Sobrang tagal…”
Yield your heart my dear.I tell you..I was thinking earlier what to write about this until I waited..
I spotted one of the most anointed preachers Jamey Keeneth Santiago and watched her video.
So I give all the credits of these points I will be sharing with you 🙂
Never Rush!Ask how will I be the best for the one God has alloted for me .
Instead of thinking about that dream girl or that dream Child of God.
Instead if seeking for an answered prayer ,be AN ANSWERED PRAYER.
If God has given us the gift of leadership,of preaching or evangelism how can he by all means  pour out the gift and anointing of WAITING UPON US?
There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens:-Ecclesiastes 3:1
I am ready to Begin Again.

To take the past as a reminder
To be more patient and be better.
To take a while, in praying harder,
To achieve the dreams which are higher.

It may not be the way which is easier,
But I know,things will always be better.
As he let me wait a little longer,
I am assured of a greener pasture.

I am willing,

I am willing to ammend things if needed.
To take a little time and be more guided.
To listen more and be reminded,
That things may not go as I always wanted.

I am aware,

Aware ,that it may be hard at all times.
But his love and compassion applies,
And that he hear all my cries
In every season that goes and flies.

To obey ,rather than to Contest.
To surrender and daily confess.
To go with you through the test
And know it’s you who knows the best.

Dear Future,
I am ready,

Ready ,for the breakthroughs that is to come.
To take the responsibilities and carry on.
To depend on him until my strength is gone.
And know that he alone is Mighty One.

Grace to Grace


I am humbled by his grace .This year has been a tough year. Not that I have been through a lot, but because “I thought” there were no any extra ordinary breakthroughs compared from the previous year.

Yet through him and in him, I am amazed how this year has taught me how to rely on him more and have less of myself.

At this age, it exasperates me  when people would expect a lot. If not a lot , a lot more.

Raising the white flag and leaving the obligations and leadership tasks may be a lot easier, but I am reminded how the God of all creations did not give on me.

I am reminded how I am to live for my ultimate  father alone. The Father whom I do not have to please, for he is already pleased no matter what I do.

May it be within the workplace, ministry or family, I know that it is God alone that I am pleasing and that I live to worship him alone.

This has been one great testimony I wanted to share! Through his grace, I have conquered fear of failure and imperfections.

My worth is not found in what other people might think of me but about how God view my thoughts and the intentions of my heart.

This article is an appreciation and gratitude to my heavenly creator whom I appreciate a lot. Well, I often tell this through my prayers but I believe that this heart can’t contain it that I just want to share his.

This year has been a breakthrough in my Spirit. Attending this year’s camp made me more than excited for the next one. Becoming one of the counselors, cabin leaders and group leader, I found my worth in Glorifying Christ alone.

I realized, if you allow God , he will allow you to be an instrument of his grace and supply you with His wisdom .People even outside the church would just be blessed as well for the contagious spirit .

From Doubts  to Career Breakthroughs-This year, I Praise God for having the opportunity for being able to travel 5 times this year! And guess what, For Free! God even assured a  tour package next year plus 2 additional trips in Visayas and Mindanao next year.

My calendar is flooded, but yes, I remember I prayed for this “Lord I don’t want to work to be able to travel, I want to Travel for Work.”

Image may contain: 3 people, including Blesilda Visaya and Rianne Aybil Peñaredondo, people smiling, people sitting, outdoor and text


From Desires to Breakthrough in my worship – These guys have been so precious to me .They were my second home. Life wouldn’t be complete without my community, my prompter’s team and brethren.

I am in awe how God blessed me  to journey along with such great people in faith .Such greatness in life wouldn’t be complete without my Hope of Glory Family !

Image may contain: 10 people, including Joel Silang, Jomar Alfanta, Joyce Anne DG Villajuan, Andrew Camarillo, Jeric Bernardo, Rianne Aybil Peñaredondo and Villajuan Juztine Anne, people smiling, people standing, tree, outdoor and nature

Brokenness into Breakthrough in My Spirit – 2019 has been a significant year for the ushered souls and people by God’s grace. I knew God led me all the way into my current workplace and campus ministry to lead more people to him. Still, to be a catalyst For HIS GLORY!


Grace Still I am in awe, and it was just yesterday when we welcomed 2018 with a bang! And yet , here we are, marking the last but meaningful day of the year.

More is yet to come! For by his grace, and because we know our worth and life’s purpose, we look forward welcoming 2019 and even the years beyond!

Oh by the way! To anyone reading this today- Thank you for being part of my BREAKTHROUGH! For this  blog was just once a dream,  yet God fulfilled this purpose of inspiring youths and even a lot of readers worldwide. 

Courtesy of KMBI Corporate Affairs Office 

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‘’He must first take them away, and we must let go of them. That hurts. It genuinely feels like losing your life. In the end, it’s the only way to save it.‘’-Chris Tiegreen

Have you ever felt or prayed for something or someone but God clearly says, this is not for you my child?

These past few months, I have been encountering DETOURS in life by experiencing some out of the comfort zone experiences like expansion of our office and renovation of our local church center.

The waiting hours and inconvenience is a tough job to handle. 

It’s a matter of patience and transformation. Sometimes, God does not change the situation or the people around us but He changes us instead by making us tougher to face those challenges ahead of us.

“Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you and will rescue you,” declares the LORD. Then the LORD reached out his hand, touched my mouth, and said to me, “I have put my words in your mouth.” Jeremiah 1:6-9 NIV

There are moments when he teaches us the other way to go. God immediately saw the fear in Jeremiah’s heart and said, “Do not be afraid of them.”

“God, I am afraid of what people will think of me.” Even though I was making excuses why I could not serve the Lord, God didn’t give up on me. He encouraged me by saying, “I am with you and will rescue you.”

It is natural as Christian today to do the same thing. We come up with clever excuses why we shouldn’t follow the will of the Lord.

We say to ourselves and God, “I don’t know enough about the Bible. What will they think of me? I don’t want them talking behind my back.  Let somebody else do it.”

Disappointment and failures are great inhibitors. Let us not consider this fear or failure as stumbling block, but as stepping stones instead. The lies that the enemy has been bursting out on us has been defeated. His love has won us and covered us.

Today, as we face detours in life, it may be challenging and may require versatility and a lot of pain sometimes. However, I pray that God will lead you into greater heights.

He has a mission for you! Whether it is in your family, workplace, campus or ministry you can be a light that shines for His glory!


Straight to the Point


So let us make this simple. When one of my disciples asked me what to do with her suicidal friend, the next question was, ‘’How could I even help others if I am not okay as well?”

Exactly. She did the right thing:


“You did a great job my dear,” I proudly told her. I was glad she acknowledged she needed help .First, for her friend in need, second as she asked prayer for wisdom with how to deal with it.

We can never carry our own load. If it is burdensome, the Lord surely brings people around us who shared the same experience, grief or who is simply ready to listen and journey with you.

Open up. I am not telling to be an open book. Seek help from genuine “trusted” friends who won’t tolerate you. Seek guidance from people whom God has been bringing you the whole time.

HEY! Stop running! You can’t win over him!

This Sunday, I got the chance to solicit an update from her. She said her best friend felt better. She said that made her feel right forgetting her own load. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is my point.


The Lord has been allowing us to go through ups and downs of life to have the empathy for other people.  (I am turning 21 but I think the experiences I’ve been through in life where intended for an individual double of my age).

Maturity is a gift. And I think, it requires refocusing your lenses to do so. It is not easy. While living for other people, you’ll know your purpose. Your version gets better when your life experiences and other people’s life stories are being summed up together.

Brethrens let us have less of ourselves and more of Him. With that, he will lead us to people around us who surprisingly, undergo deeper pains, sorrows and problems more than the cheap problems we always focus into.

Once we get rid of ourselves, fulfilment comes and the Lord surely knows our concerns even before we speak a word.


Have you ever watched someone (or been someone) looking for fulfilment in the same old, dead places? Some poor choices are obvious. Such as drugs, alcohol, promiscuous sex, gambling, being a workaholic, etc.

You have the key but you’re keeping it. Isn’t that so selfish? 

It took years for him to realize. I had a friend in need, a friend who was once broken, so stressed in his law school (wish he’s not reading this entry). The action? I shared God’s love.

There were moments when I thought my labour was just in vain. Yet as years passed, I am amazed how God changed this man into a braver version of himself.

STOP those excuses. Stop all the “if’s “and shallow confidence. You were called for a purpose. It is to worship him, in every moment and heartbeat of your life.

Worship comes not during Sundays. It starts when you enter your home, when you go to work and your integrity is being challenged, when you want to quit but you continue through his grace.



Real Talk

“This is cumbersome. It is not a joke. I have been receiving grieving spirits everywhere. Some of them were those who were the loudest among the crowd. “


I thought my world would stop as I declined a scholarship offer from London this week. Thankfully, my world did not turn upside down when I made that decision as I finally accepted that it was not his best will for my life.

I am not being messianic now a days, but he leads me to listen more to other people’s concerns more than my own. There were moments when people’s face will enter my mind and as I talk to them, those people would carry loads needed to be unloaded.

I love this talent. HAHA . Having an interpersonal skill letting people cry.  Opening their hearts, I often ask God ,   ‘’who am I for these people to trust ?’’

Three consecutive attempts of suicide this week. (This is not fake news). There were instances when the loudest person in the class would open up her sorrows being sexually harassed by her own father, another by her close family member. Isn’t this alarming enough?

I do not intend to disclose their sorrows. No , what I wanted you to know is that you can do something. This is more than a Mental Health issue that one needs to overcome. This is one you and me can do something with.

Approach someone today. Have the courage to encourage and listen more and talk less. In one of our Sunday lessons, it was emphasized to have the ability to assess the REAL NEED of other people. Meet them according to their needs.

Real talk. As you remember someone today, it is not an extra mile to ask how they are doing. Involve yourself in other people’s life.

I like it most when someone asks how my day has gone so far.Isn’t it wonderful receiving random messages of “How can I pray for you today?”, “How are you doing” or by just simply giving a  smile away.


Okay, so the next question is, “How could I even help others If I am not ok as well?”

(To be continued…)


Jars of Tears


“The Highest Place on Earth , is still at the Lord’s feet”

This stopped me for a while , with heart beating faster, making me realize, that the epitome of self actualization, is when we get to talk to God, at our humblest moment.

Wonderful! I can’t help but to imagine , one day , when I get to see him face to face, that he would tour me to a place in heaven with my records of Jars of Tears.

It would say on the label “Tears Shed from Brokenness”, “Tears Shed for Ministry”, or “Tears Shed out of Love and Repentance”. How amazing .How Exciting!

Advancing your thoughts excites  you to count and number your days.It inspires you to live every single day meaningfully and live your Purpose!


I believe our life is not made just for tears of fears, mourning or sadness but these tears are  treasures as Jesus himself experienced it while living.

I always find it awkward when my tears shed as I worship God..While worshiping in front of the congregation or  while speaking or praying  as his love overflows…But, those moments where the most significant times  when I feel the Reckless Love of God ..

His Perfect Love abounds as I find heaven here on earth, not at the peek of any mountain of joy, success or dreams achieved , but as my knee reaches the ground for surrender ,Praise and Worship…

In his presence ,I find joy , peace and Love…And that , is truly an experience of Heaven here on Earth.

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We Get Better with Time





“Age is just a number “as many people say. This motto is loved by all the traditionalists, baby boomers and millennial.

Unknowingly, this is also true for the Generation Z or the Centennials born 1996 onwards. Often do I hear “Ang bata mo pa”, which somehow exasperates me. This sometimes limit and box oneself that we are bounded because of our age.

No, we are not limited when it comes to thinking, when it comes to the potential that we contain just because we are less experienced.

As the younger generation, we have the power to speak up! We have the power to stand for the truth and to the act on right thing for the next generation.

We should not be hindered by our age. We should not be placed in a box as if we have no voice to speak up when it comes to decision making.

We have the most creative ideas and thoughts that could lead to every single step, leading to the larger ones.

Yes, this is an open letter to the authorities above..

In an organization, stereotyping millennial and centennials are always present. Let them manage somehow. Provide better opportunities and allow space for growth. Do not let them be stagnant doing the same exact same path you have been through.

Let them experience mistakes. It is inevitable. After all, it is where our best lesson comes and that we are aware you also had one. If not one, a lot.

To the parents we all have. Take time to listen to the young voices somehow, to know and get their idea and thoughts. Involve them in family discussions when maturity comes.

May this be an eye opener that we, the younger generation can change the world. And yes, for the better.

To the Younger Generation … (Including me)

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.-1 Timothy 4:12

Submit to authorities. They are God given.

Let us not be rebellious in any way. After all, rebellion to our parents, to our teachers, boss, even to our government means, rebellion to the Father of the Heavenly Realms.

We get better through time. It takes patience and hard work to learn. It takes experience to be mature.


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